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We will tell you how you can delete broken registry items. These are some of the most common problems every Windows user has to face. So, if you want to know the reasons behind these bugs or errors, you are at the right place. Although we may not be able to pinpoint the exact cause of registry errors, we have ways out of these issues. Before you try your hand at fixing these errors, it is first necessary to have a backup in place. Something going wrong during the repair could completely destroy your registry, leaving many other new issues in its wake – we don’t want to end up in a situation like this.

  • Do let us know in the comments which workaround managed to work out for you.
  • You can select multiple drives along with the standard options of scan only, fix or fix and recover.
  • Factors like power failure, abrupt shutdown, faulty hardware, malware, and viruses can also corrupt some registry items.

If these commands did not fix your problem, you need to restore the registry from the last restore point or registry files backup. This new feature is ideal for computers that are used by more than one person, such as home computers which are shared by a family and public computers in public places. People who have administrative rights can easily scan and clean all users’ registry at once. You do not need to login under each individual account to scan & fix registry issues. If you are using Windows 8 or later, you can also invoke the Advanced Startup tools from within the GUI.

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Just look carefully on the screen while your computer starts or check your user manual to know the exact key. Don’t make the rookie mistake of saving everything in a single partition. Make sure that Windows and other system files are stored in a dedicated partition . Apart from that, make other partitions to save your data. Now, just select the type of media you wish to process and select its source from here.

To start scanning your drive, click the file explorer icon on the taskbar. Click “Scan” to start the scanning process. If there are any errors, Windows will ask you to confirm the scan. If you’ve run a scan without errors, it will simply say that no errors were detected. If your hard drive has problems, you will be asked to run a Chkdsk scan by Windows 10. To do this, open File Explorer and right-click on the HDD/SSD you want to scan.

You can still access your Windows Desktop

Manual removal of entries is a good option if you’ve installed several different programs or apps to try and want to make sure they’re not leaving traces behind in your registry. Above, you have already learned the six robust methods to fix different registry errors. So, you can use any of them and fix your broken registry items on Windows 11 in no time. When your Windows registry is corrupted, you’ll notice a variety of symptoms. You’ll notice the slowness of your PC, increased CPU usage, extended startup times, and poor functionality of applications. You may also experience random crashes and hangs, which can lead to data loss.

This also fixes any other issue related to hardware. If reverting to BIOS defaults doesn’t make “A disk read error occurred” disappear, you can also try to update the BIOS version to the latest available. To rule out this possibility, you can open the computer’s hood and check whether each IDE cable is fastened completely on both ends. If there is something wrong, the faulty cables will need to be replaced to fix “A disk read error occurred”. When there are bad sectors on your hard drive, due to data security reasons, you should back up your important files after shielding them.

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In addition to that you can remove any additional RAM sticks to identify the defective one. While trying this make sure to test it with different slots. Thanks, actually I think that the problem was the result of [Link] using a back_up disc. I found an old original load XP and it worked fine the only problem now is the 8 or 9 hours of reloading updates up-to-date, service packs and other software.

Although, Windows 8 had many discontented users due to certain reasons. However, these users were very much in the favor of its speedy startup. After being upgraded to Windows 8.1, some of these partly satisfied consumers underwent an increase of time, while the Windows fire up. Some people perceive Windows 8.1 being responsible for this sluggishness, which is not the case. In fact, Windows 8.1 is assured to get going in fewer seconds than Windows 8.

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